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Dragon Ball Z Series

a.k.a. Freeza, Freezer
Akira Toriyama
Ken Masters (Pocket Fighter) says...
You need to work a bit more on your style!
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Character Biography
Date of death
August 764 A.D.
Eye Color
Interplanetary Slum Lord, Prince of Cold Kingdom
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DragonBall Z: Ultimate Battle 22
Playable Character (Playstation Release)
Portrayed By: Ryusei Nakao
Distance no object! Near or far, your opponent has no chance! A natural born killer, you want to overcome the entire universe. You have a slim body and you are so good at manipulating your tail like a whip so that you can kill with one hit. You are also capable of attacking at terrifying speeds. In close combat, use your INFERNAL DIVE and TAIL SMAS...

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