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Robin Mask Homage
Starting in King of Fighters 2003, Clark drops the Muscle Spark in favor of an equally improbable hold. The LDM version of the Ultra Argentine Backbreaker ends with "Clark Special," identical to Robin Mask's Robin Special finisher.
Muscle Spark Homage
From King of Fighters '96 to 2002, the "Clark Spark" finisher of Clark Still's Ultra Argentine Backbreaker SDM is essentially Kinnikuman Soldier's Incomplete Muscle Spark.
Leona: Fierce Fighting Edition
In 2006, SNK released "Ikari - Leona Gekitouhen" for mobile phones, a remake of the original Ikari Warriors. You can play Leona, Ralf, or Clark (Ralf and Clark in "old" or "new" costumes).

Japanese title: 怒 -IKARI- レオナ激闘編
Ikari Warriors
It's generally accepted that Ralf and Clark were the heroes of SNK's Ikari Warriors arcade series. However, in all USA story materials, the heroes are referred to as Paul and Vince. The earliest instance I've seen of the Warriors actually being called Ralf and Clark is the Japanese flier for Ikari 3.

It's possible Ikari 3 was a story reboot since they did, y'know, go to space and fight monsters in Ikari 2.
Go Go Ikari Rangers
From 1996-98, Ralf and Clark had a particular special intro with each other. Although it wasn't voiced in 96, 97-98 contained their lines:

Ralf: "Ikuze, Clark!" (Let's go, Clark!)
Clark: "Oh!"
Both: "Cross Changer!"

This is a reference to the transformation sequence from the 1991 Super Sentai TV series, Chojin Sentai Jetman.
King of Fighters 13, The
Playable Character
Member of the Ikari Warriors Team.
The King of Fighters XIII: Climax
Playable Character
Member of the Ikari Warriors Team.

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