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Fighter's History (SNES)
Boss Character
Unlockable with a button combination
16bit-Collection Data East Vol. 02
Boss Character
Unlockable with a button combination
Data East Classic Collection
Boss Character
Unlockable with a button combination
Did you know?

Nuclear Man, the Fighter
Chelnov first appeared in arcades in 1988, in the game Chelnov: Atomic Runner. A coal miner transformed by a nuclear accident, he fought for justice against "devilish Destarian." The Statue of Liberty, where his final battle in that game took place, is visible in his Fighter's History background.
When dizzied in Fighter's History Dynamite, each character's head is encircled by unique things.

Dizzy Karnov sees tiny visions of Chelnov.
Joe & Mac & Fighter's History
Towards the end of Joe & Mac Returns (a Bubble Bobble-style platform action game from Data East), you face a level full of SD Mizoguchis and another full of SD Karnovs. They attack with their moves from Fighter's History Dynamite complete with appropriately squeaky voice samples.

The score items dropped by defeated Karnovs are tiny Chelnovs. As a side note, Chelnov appears as an enemy near the end of Tumble Pop, a similar Data East game.

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