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The name's Nash... Charlie Nash
When Charlie was first introduced, he was known by Nash in Japan, and Charlie in the U.S. To reconcile his two names and to avoid confusion, fans began touting Nash as his surname. This carried over into UDON's Street Fighter comics. However, it was never made officially canon until the 2009 home release of Street Fighter 4, where the name of Nash, Charlie can be clearly seen on his dogtags in Guile's intro.
In 2000, Capcom released Cannon Spike (USA, Gunspike JPN) for Naomi and Dreamcast. A top-down shooter developed by genre masters Psikyo, it featured a number of Capcom mainstays in starring roles.

The arcade version featured @char=charlie_sfa@, @char=cammy_stf@, and a redesigned @char=arthur_mvc@ alongside original characters Shiba Shintaro (the skateboarder) and Simone (the lady). Exclusive to the Dreamcast were bonus characters @char=megaman_mvc@ and @char=bbhood_das@.

@char=vega_stf@ also appeared in redesigned form as "Fallen Balrog," a boss.
From "All Stars" to "Evolution"
Capcom Fighting All Stars: Code Holder is a cancelled game which was planned for the arcade and PS2. It was Capcom's first attempt at creating an in-house 3D fighter, after the success of their Street Fighter EX series (which was developed by Arika). It was presented early in 2003 in beta test format, but after negative feedback from players and more months in development, the game was cancelled in August 2003. Capcom instead created a 2D game named Capcom Fighting Evolution, keeping some main ideas from the cancelled 3D game. CFAS was going to include Ryu, Chun-Li, Alex, Charlie, Mike Haggar, Poison, Batsu, Akira, Strider Hiryu, Ingrid, D.D., Rook and Death.
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Hidden Character
From Street Fighter Alpha series.

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