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The strong preys upon the weak. That is the law of the wilderness!
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Final boss, but normally playable.
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Boss Character
Final boss, but normally playable.
Portrayed by Mike DeBonis
Did you know?

Domination 101 Remedial Course
S-Kill is real-life fighting game scene personality Seth Killian. As a player, he is probably best known for writing the "Domination 101" series of articles for and his quirk of using joysticks cross-handed. This is the origin of his bizarre stance in Divekick, as well as the nickname Cross Hand, which the Japanese have mistranslated as Cloth Hand.

During the SF4 years he was a community manager at Capcom (the final boss Seth is named after him). He left Capcom to work on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (for some reason).

Although he was most likely involved with Street Fighter 4 balancing to some extent, his Divekick motivation to "rebalance the world" seems like it'd be more appropriate for a character named S-Irlin...

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