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I guess it's time for a tune-up. A decimal off, and I'm toast!
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Hidden in original prototype
caped no_punches overweight real_person red_outfit
Playable Character
Hidden in original prototype
Portrayed by Marcus Fontana
Did you know?

Marn's Shameful Adventure
Mr. N is a brutal caricature of FGC personality Martin "Marn" Phan. Most aspects of his story and behavior are based on events and scandals that involved (or are rumored to have involved) Marn.

Mr. N's outfit is based on the pajama/neck pillow combo Marn wore to the EVO 2009 finals. His friend Dustin Weinburger whom he "rides the coattails of" is meant to be Justin Wong. References to "bracket fixing" refer to Marn's supposed mismanagement and ruination of a major Guilty Gear tournament. Mr. N's mob debt mirrors rumors of Marn going into major gambling debt while attending EVO. His crying winpose is based on a story where Marn had his plate taken away by a Denny's waitress, and for his "no you cannot" winpose, search on Youtube.

Finally, "his favorite computer game which he is terrible at" is a reference to League of Legends, for which Marn briefly managed a pro team, with its own spinoff scandals.

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