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Hiryu no Ken Series
a.k.a. Jimmy (some U.S. releases), Syouryu
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Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2) says...
I'm protecting my "King". I'll do whatever it takes.
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Early Installment Weirdness
More than any other character in the Hiryu no Ken games, Shouryu has gone through many changes. He started out as a China-born kung fu contemporary of Ryuhi's, and eventually became a barechested American that studied "Martial Arts". At one point, his name was changed to Shokaku/Syokaku (although it was decidedly the same character). Finally, with SD Hiryu no Ken, he was solidified into the American martial artist training in Mexico. In some games, such as Hiryu no Ken Retsuden, his character art doesn't even come close to matching up to his sprite.

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