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Dead Ring-er
With her long, black, face covering hair, decrepit nightgown, and perchance for blaring static and eye closeups upon murdering someone (not to mention her name), S-Ko, the most prominent spirit that possesses Zappa, is obviously inspired by Sadako Yamamura. Sadako, who first appeared in the 1991 Koji Suzuki novel Ring but grew to fame in a 1998 film adaption, sparked a worldwide interest in the traditional 'yurei' Japanese spirit. In the west, Sadako is best known as Samara Morgan, from 2002's American remake The Ring.
Welcome Back, Frank
Zappa is named after the highly prolific "weird" musician Frank Zappa. Zappa's Raoh dragon punch, "Last Edguy," is for some reason a reference to the heavy metal band Edguy.

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