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Art of Fighting Series
a.k.a. Unknown (KoF 2000)
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Art of Fighting
Boss Character
Portrayed by Takayuki Sakai
Playable in versus mode
aikido chest_plate cloth_headband counters hakama
japanese longhair middle_aged moustache parent
King of Fighters 2000, The
Striker Character
Portrayed by Akira Goto
Hidden "Maniac Striker"
Capcom vs SNK 2
Playable Character
Portrayed by Takeshi Aono
Pending Submissions
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Todoh's Cameos
FFS: Ryo's stage, washing some cloth against a rock (?). KOF'95: Women's stage, drinking with Duck King and Heavy D! KOF'96: Women's stage, cheering and waving fans (but only if Kasumi is fighting). KOF'97: China stage, with Duck King and Heavy D!
Pending Submissions

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