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The Desexualization of America
Aska's pant bottoms were given considerably increased coverage for the American release of Tournament Fighters. Additionally, her Japanese win pose was a traditional ninja girl boob bounce, but the animation was completely redone for America to remove any trace of bouncing.
Random Warriors
Despite the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series having a vast stable of characters to choose from, Konami felt it necessary to create two original characters for Tournament Fighters: Aska for the Super NES version, and Sisyphus for the Genesis version. It is unknown if Mirage Studios retains the rights to these characters, or if they have defaulted to Konami.

However, in late 2011, it was revealed that by combing through the data of the Super NES version's beta's coding, that Aska was originally named Mitsu - the name of the princess in the third TMNT movie, released earlier that year.

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