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Terry's Bizarre Connection
Terry's finger point win pose (adopted since Mark of the Wolves) is a signature gesture of Jotaro Kujo, who uses it frequently in his own games. The significance of the expression "Stand up!" is lost on me, though.
Garou History
In 2006, G-Mode and SNK Playmore released a mobile phone game called Garou Densetsu vs. Fighter's History Dynamite. The game - a beat-'em-up as opposed to a versus fighter - starred Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, and Makoto Mizoguchi as playable characters. Many of the generic enemies came from the two series represented, and Geese Howard and Karnov were placed as boss characters.
Sky Stage Heroes
In January 2010, SNK Playmore released a vertical shooter game in arcades called KOF Sky Stage. Playable characters included Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, and Kula Diamond. Sky Stage was later released for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

An enhanced version of Sky Stage, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting for PSP, added an additional story revolving around Dr. Brown from World Heroes, and introduced characters Marco Rossi, Akari Ichijo, Iroha, and a female A.S.O. from Alpha Mission
FF in GG
Axl Low's background in Guilty Gear features some tiny figures in the distance. Close inspection reveals several of them to be Fatal Fury characters--Geese on the left, then Terry, Andy, Mai, and Joe from the right. Billy and Athena may also be present, but that's arguable.
King of Fighters '98, The
Playable Character
Fatal Fury Team Available in Real Bout 2 style by holding Start during selection.
King of Fighters R-1
Playable Character
Southtown Team member.
King of Fighters R-2
Playable Character
New Southtown Team member.
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Playable Character
Ratio 2Normal and EX mode available
King of Fighters EX, The
Playable Character
Garou Team member.
Portrayed by Satoshi Hashimoto
King of Fighters EX2, The
Playable Character
Garou Team member.
Portrayed by Satoshi Hashimoto
King of Fighters 13, The
Playable Character
Member of the Fatal Fury Team.

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