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Reduced Roster
According to some leftover data on the home version discs, The King of Fighters XII originally would have had Mai, Yuri, King, Vice, Takuma, Hwa Jai, "Billy", a "Dark" Ash, and a KoF '98 version of Iori, as well as a boss of unknown identity. KoF XII was well-known to have been rushed through development, so these characters all obviously got the axe due to budget and time constraints. Further supporting this is the fact that all of these characters made it info KoF XIII eventually (counting the home version).
Don't Break My Ribs, Whoa Whoa Tonight
Referencing the way Iori broke the team up at the end of KOF'95 (by beating Eiji and Billy within an inch of their lives), Billy and Iori have special intros together in '97, '98, and '02.

In '97, Billy simply points his pole at Iori and says "I WISH I COULD TEAR HIM APART!" (presumably he can't because of Geese's orders).

Billy still wishes he could tear him apart in '98, but now Eiji appears behind him and they both shake their fists. Eiji disappears leaving Billy confused.

In '02 Billy drops the line but Eiji still pops in to leer menacingly. By 2003, both of them have apparently gotten over it.
Billy Estevez (Emilio Kane)
According to a sidebar in an issue of Neo Geo Freak, Billy Kane was originally modelled on Emilio Estevez.

At least, I am pretty sure that's what it's saying.
Fatal Fury 2
Boss Character
Portrayed by Katsuhisa Namase
King of Fighters '95, The
Playable Character
Member of U.S.A. / Southtown team.
King of Fighters '98, The
Playable Character
'97 Special Team Available in Real Bout 2 style by holding Start during selection.
The King of Fighters '99: Evolution
Striker Character
Available only in Dreamcast version.
Portrayed by Atsushi Yamanishi
King of Fighters 2000, The
Playable Character
Fatal Fury Team's "another striker"
Portrayed by Atsushi Yamanishi
King of Fighters 2003, The
Playable Character
Portrayed by Seijiro
King of Fighters Neowave, The
Playable Character
Portrayed by Atsushi Yamanishi
King of Fighters 13, The
Boss Character

Console version only. Sub-boss fought in Arcade Mode by performing at least 2 Target Actions in each preceeding match. Unlocked upon defeat.
Portrayed by Seijiro

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