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Background Cameos Plus Alpha
SFA2: Strider can be seen in Ken's stage, wearing his original outfit and holding a teddy bear (he tosses the bear into the air and catches it whenever a super is landed). A popular legend goes that this appearance is a tribute to one of Capcom's programmers. This mystery man was under immense pressure to make the NEC SuperGrafx port of Strider the "definitive" version, and killed himself. The SuperGrafx version of Strider was never released.
Legendary Weapons
Many of Hiryu's moves are named for weapons of various lore. Ame no murakumo is the sword pulled from one of Yamata no Orochi's tails by Susanowo, and later renamed Kusanagi. Excalibur is the mythic sword wielded by King Arthur. Gram is the sword that Sigurd slew the dragon Fafnir in Norse myth. Vajra - Sanskrit for thunderbolt or diamond - is often depicted as a small metal weapon.
From "All Stars" to "Evolution"
Capcom Fighting All Stars: Code Holder is a cancelled game which was planned for the arcade and PS2. It was Capcom's first attempt at creating an in-house 3D fighter, after the success of their Street Fighter EX series (which was developed by Arika). It was presented early in 2003 in beta test format, but after negative feedback from players and more months in development, the game was cancelled in August 2003. Capcom instead created a 2D game named Capcom Fighting Evolution, keeping some main ideas from the cancelled 3D game. CFAS was going to include Ryu, Chun-Li, Alex, Charlie, Mike Haggar, Poison, Batsu, Akira, Strider Hiryu, Ingrid, D.D., Rook and Death.
Joint Venture
The Strider series was a collaborative creation of Capcom and manga development collective Moto Kikaku. Both parties must give approval before any work featuring Strider characters is produced (despite no Strider manga material having been published since the 1980's). Reportedly, it is this approval process that kept Hiryu out of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, although due to fan demand, an agreement was reached in time for Ultimate MvC3.

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