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Advanced V.G.
Playable Character
Portrayed by Chisa Yokoyama
Playable Character
Portrayed by Yuko Ohike
V.G. II -Ver. 2.1-
Playable Character
Portrayed by Yuko Ohike
Advanced V.G. 2
Playable Character
Portrayed by Miki Nagasawa
Did you know?

Over the Summer
Hidden beneath the datafiles of Advanced V.G. 2 and V.G. Custom are unused sprites of what seems to be @char=ayako_vag@, @char=satomi_vag@, @char=jun_vag@, @char=kaori_vag@, and @char=manami_vag@ sporting and posing in swimsuit bikinis. Wether these were made for some winpose or extra fanservice (we might never know), these sprites were ultimately left unused and untouched, yet remained inside the datafiles only to be leftovers.
Miranda: Dead and loving it!
Despite being officially deceased following the events of Advanced V.G. 2, @char=miranda_vag@ makes a cameo appearance in 2 instances: one in @char=masako_vag@'s stage in V.G. Max (as seen in the sprite animation), and in Variable Geo OVA where she takes over @char=satomi_vag@'s body as her main host for her resurrection project.

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