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Did you know?

There is much data left on the disc of Budokai 3 that hints that many character-related things were cut before release.

Bulma only shows up during one instance of training mode, but upon use of cheat device, it shows that her model has more range than what is shown in training mode, including attacks and so forth. Her English voice actress was also seen in a promotional video that was given with the game's special edition, providing in-fight dialogue for the character.

Also, there are audio clips of the game's Announcer introducing Zarbon, Dodoria, and Android 19, who had not been in the series since the first Budokai.

Finally, there are also voice clips for the game's story mode ("Dragon Universe") that indicated that more characters would have had stories in this mode, including a time traveling Kid Goku and a heroic Saibaman taking the name "Great Saibaman" and fighting crime.

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