Ibuki (Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact) says...
Devote yourself to your training!
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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Playable Character
Portrayed by Kunihiko Yasui
From Hurricane Polymer.
caped duplication japanese police red_outfit
tokusatsu vehicles visored_helmet wind_control
Did you know?

Beni's Bizarre Connection(s)
KOF's Benimaru is based on two seperate manga characters from the late '80s, Polnareff (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and Senkuu (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)

While both characters are tall-haired blondes, Benimaru's first outfit is nearly an exact copy of Polnareff's. Beni's "Shinkuu Kakategoma" spinning kick is based on Senkuu's "Rikuke Shoujin Senpuu Kyaku."

Further confusing things is the fact that many of Beni's technique names (but not the techniques themselves) are straight up stolen from Tatsunoko's Hurricane Polymar.

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