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King's Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
In the action-strategy Guilty Gear 2, Ky has become king of "Illyuria." He is no longer wielding his trademark sword Fuuraiken, as it's later revealed it's being used for another purpose--to keep his beloved in stasis so she doesn't fade out of existence.
This love of his life is a Gear referred to only as "the maiden of the grove." So, Dizzy. Ky, you cradle robber!
Devil's music for the holy knight
Ky Kiske's name is derived from two different vocalists of the metal band Helloween - Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske.

Metallica has both an album and song titled "Ride the Lightning," his super.

Ky's instant kill, "Rising Force," is named after classical-rock musician Yngwie Malmsteen's first album.

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