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Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
Hidden Character
Unlockable via coffin in console versions. Hidden character in the Game Boy Advance version, unlockable via completing the game on Very Easy.
Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
Playable Character
Portrayed by S.G. Willie
Did you know?

Much of MK4's newcomer cast originally started as returning characters, but they were replaced by pastiches to give the cast more new faces. Of note is the replacing of Kitana with Tanya; either Kitana was replaced late in development, or Eurocom (the company responsible for the home ports) designed a palette swap of Kitana for the home versions that was left unfinished; there exists in the coding of the Playstation, Nintendo 64, and PC versions a buggy recolored Tanya that is named "Kitana" and has a medley of moves from other characters. The console versions even give her the fan as a weapon. This faux Kitana can be access via game enhancer in the console versions and an external trainer program in the PC version. Whatever the case, Midway openly acknowledged that the blurry Kitana that appears in Liu Kang's ending uses the same model as Tanya.

This connection between the two characters may explain why Khameleon borrows a move from Tanya in MK Armageddon despite the latter not actually existing as one of the "female ninja" that Khameleon normally mimics.

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