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The "Electric" Wind Godfist
Wether by glitch or intention, performing Kazuya's Tekken 2 Wind Godfist with exact timing made the move more effective. When Jin and Heihachi took over prime Mishima-ship in Tekken 3, an electric spark was added to their Wind Godfist's when pulled off with the necessary timing.
Movie Star Monster
Though unplayable until Tekken 5, Devil Jin has appeared in Jin's ending movie in every game.
Cross-Company Family Ties
Although precise details on the specifics are hard to find, there is mention in both an issue of Tips & Tricks and the official Ehrgeiz mook that Ken Mishima, AKA Godhand, is indeed a member of the Mishima family of Tekken fame. How exactly he fits in, however, is unknown. The only concrete detail is that the Mishima Construction Company he used to run is a subsidiary of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Although unconfirmed in the mook, Tips & Tricks indicates that Godhand's status as one of the Mishima clan may be due to Namco's assistance on the title (as evidenced in the credits).
Bugs and Fishes
According to Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada:

"Regarding 'SAKE', this was included when we planned to implement a new animal character. But there were a few problems...

It was really a salmon so, no matter if you press punch or kick, the character just flops around making a flapping noise...

At the time, one play was 100 yen (a little over a dollar) so that is the quality bar to keep in mind for customer satisfaction.

So we thought players would get quite angry if they had to pay that much to play such a character, and we gave up on that character. That kind of character might be OK in a console version, but not for the arcade.

There's also 'INSECT' data buried deep in the ROM. That's another idea we had at the time. The idea was for an insect... a giant praying mantis! The idea resulted from a bug in the program in which all the characters arms, legs, and waists were extremely thin and they looked like a praying mantis.

It was actually quite interesting so we thought of maybe basing a character on that and calling it 'INSECT'. However, we had a lot of new characters like Jin, Xiaoyu, Eddy, and Hwoarang to work on so we didn't have the resources and had to give up on the idea."

"Sake"'s in-game data can (sort of) be accessed in the PS1 version of Tekken 3 with a cheat device; it uses Yoshimitsu's character model and Jin Kazama's moves.
Tekken Revolution
Hidden Character
Added for unlocking on 7/2/2013
Tekken 7
Boss Character
Potential stage 4 sub-boss depending on circumstances. Time release unlock for arcades on 03/31/2015

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