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Sky Stage Heroes
In January 2010, SNK Playmore released a vertical shooter game in arcades called KOF Sky Stage. Playable characters included Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya, and Kula Diamond. Sky Stage was later released for Xbox LIVE Arcade.

An enhanced version of Sky Stage, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting for PSP, added an additional story revolving around Dr. Brown from World Heroes, and introduced characters Marco Rossi, Akari Ichijo, Iroha, and a female A.S.O. from Alpha Mission
Don't Break My Ribs, Whoa Whoa Tonight
Referencing the way Iori broke the team up at the end of KOF'95 (by beating Eiji and Billy within an inch of their lives), Billy and Iori have special intros together in '97, '98, and '02.

In '97, Billy simply points his pole at Iori and says "I WISH I COULD TEAR HIM APART!" (presumably he can't because of Geese's orders).

Billy still wishes he could tear him apart in '98, but now Eiji appears behind him and they both shake their fists. Eiji disappears leaving Billy confused.

In '02 Billy drops the line but Eiji still pops in to leer menacingly. By 2003, both of them have apparently gotten over it.
King of Fighters '95, The
Playable Character
Member of U.S.A. / Southtown team.
Nettou Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
Hidden Character
Available only in the GameBoy version.
King of Fighters R-1
Playable Character
Savior Team member.
King of Fighters '99, The
Hidden Character
Unlocked by ridiculous conditions and a code in Arcade, playable from start in ports
King of Fighters EX, The
Boss Character
Unlockable by clearing the game as the Hero Team.
Million Arthur Arcana Blood
Playable Character
From The King of Fighters series.

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