Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown 2) says...
How weak you are! I might kill you as well as "tofu" with my sword!
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The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Wonders of the World
In the first Final Fight Capcom introduced a family of wrestlers named Andore, obvious tributes/parodies of professional wrestler Andre the Giant. When Andore (like other popular Final Fighters) got a break in the Street Fighter series, he did so as a completely unrelated giant red polka dotted wrestler named Hugo. Despite establishing Hugo in SF canon, crossovers, and cameos, plain ole' Andore continues to be used in the inclusive Final Fight games.
It's well known that Hugo is a pastiche of Andre the Giant. Alex seems to have something going on with him in regards to Hulk Hogan. Alex and Hugo have a special into together in SF3: Third Strike, that mirrors the legendary sizing up provocation between Andre and Hulk.
Everybody Hates Hugo
Recent efforts by hackers have revealed that Hugo was originally planned for Street Fighter III. Although he is incomplete, he more or less uses the same sprite he has in 2nd Impact. He has no attacks and will always fight Gill, and most notably, his Super Arts (Giant Pile Driver, Titan Riot, and Hyper Knuckle) are not the names of the Super Arts he actually has in any game.

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