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Did you know?

The "Electric" Wind Godfist
Wether by glitch or intention, performing Kazuya's Tekken 2 Wind Godfist with exact timing made the move more effective. When Jin and Heihachi took over prime Mishima-ship in Tekken 3, an electric spark was added to their Wind Godfist's when pulled off with the necessary timing.
Cross-Company Family Ties
Although precise details on the specifics are hard to find, there is mention in both an issue of Tips & Tricks and the official Ehrgeiz mook that Ken Mishima, AKA Godhand, is indeed a member of the Mishima family of Tekken fame. How exactly he fits in, however, is unknown. The only concrete detail is that the Mishima Construction Company he used to run is a subsidiary of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Although unconfirmed in the mook, Tips & Tricks indicates that Godhand's status as one of the Mishima clan may be due to Namco's assistance on the title (as evidenced in the credits).
Party Pals
Pac-Man's ill-fated entry to the "Party Game" genre (2002's Pac-Man Fever) featured playable guest characters in the form of fighting game staples Heihachi and Astaroth, as well as the rarely-seen Tiger Jackson. Pac-Man's own wife and Ridge Racer mascot Reiko Nagase rounded out the cast.
Family reunion canceled due to attempted murder
The character name data in both the arcade and PlayStation versions of Ehrgeiz list 三島平八 (Heihachi Mishima) and 一八DEVIL (Kazuya Devil), giving further credence to the notion that Godhand is a member of the Tekken Mishima clan.
Tekken 4
Boss Character
Unlocked by clearing the game eight times.
Soul Calibur 2
Playable Character
Available only in the Playstation 2 version.
Tekken 5
Hidden Character
Revealed after 72 days of operation.
Tekken Revolution
Boss Character
Potential penultimate boss
Boss Character

Final boss, unlockable after the game has been cleared by every character without continuing, at least once.

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