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Dragon Ball Z Series

a.k.a. Freeza, Freezer
Akira Toriyama
M. Bison (Ultra Street Fighter 2) says...
Get lost! You can't compete with my powers!
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Did you know?

2V, or not 2V
A special promotional edition of DragonBall Z Budokai 2 (DragonBall Z2 in Japan) called DragonBall Z2V was released via V-Jump magazine. Limited to 1000 copies via contest, it included a special version of the World Tournament stage with the V-Jump logo. In addition, Frieza's brother Cooler and his son Kuriza were added as alternate costumes to him, as well as the previously CPU-only skins of Majin Frieza and Majin Cell to those respective characters. The game also shipped with 100% completion already.

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