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Ermac Who?
On the diagnostics screen of the first arcade version of Mortal Kombat, there was a listing in the audit menu for "ERMACS", right below "REPTILE BATTLES". This led players to believe there was a hidden character called Ermac, so they wrote to several magazines, and even Midway itself, asking about his existance. ERMAC actually is short for "Error Macro", and no such character appears in Mortal Kombat. Midway put a scrambled message in Mortal Kombat II, which appears at the bottom of the screen after finishing the game: "CEAMR ODSE NTO EXITS" (an anagram of "Ermac does not exist"), and the hidden character Jade randomly appeared right before a match with the message "Ermac Who?". For Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, however, a new character called Ermac came to life.

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