Guile (Street Fighter Alpha 3) says...
No handcuffs!? Fighting isn't what it used to be!
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No Fatties
Takara's Genesis port of Samurai Shodown is missing Earthquake--arguably a "small" price to pay for graphics much closer to "arcade perfect" than those of the Super NES port.
SS4 Cameos
@char=sieger_sas@, @char=genan_sas@, @char=earthquake_sas@, and @char=wanfu_sas@ have cameos in Samurai Shodown 4, all looking a little different than their last appearance.

Gen-an and Earthquake both appear in @char=genjuro_sas@'s ending, telling him to "come quietly, he calls for you." Who "he" is, we can't say (Ambrosia?). Genjuro dispatches them effortlessly.

Either Wan-Fu or Sieger may randomly appear after the credits if you clear the game within the time limit. They both say simply "........what?"

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