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Wolfkrone Monument
This unique Soul Calibur 4 stage is a circular platform that rotates. Wooden, seemingly robotic musician-like characters create knocking noises during battle and can be destroyed if a character is thrown on one of them. This can cause a ring out if the character is thrown in the same spot where one of these characters was previously. Outside the stage is a view similar to that of Talim's windmill stage in Soul Calibur 2. As well as this, there is also a castle-type structure outside of the arena. During battle, the rest of the stage can be seen, where there is a giant mass of clockwork behind the wooden musicians and a carousel type structure with yellow horses that parade around the stage. Also included in the background of the stage are a few large golden or brass bells that can be seen swinging during battle. On the floor of the stage is a semi-raised engraving of a golden-faced sun. Also, in a striking similarity to the Kunpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants stage, if one of the wooden robotic characters are hit hard enough, they collapse and fall, usually followed by the character that hit them.

Theme Song
"Valiant Heart"

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